What Am I Signing Up For???

This post begins a 10-month(ish) journey as I prepare for my very first weightlifting competition. At this point I have no clue where, or when I will compete …all I know is that it will happen sometime during the summer of 2016. Between then and now I will be documenting my journey on here. This will serve as somewhat of an online journal – complete with the peaks and valleys that accompany any type of training and especially weightlifting.

At this point, I feel the need to introduce myself. My name is Drew and I am currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in kinesiology (it’s quite obviously, I’m sure, that I’m not an English major). On top of my training and desire to improve my weightlifting abilities, I also play collegiate hockey – a sport that I have played since before I can remember. I am what a lot of people would describe as an old soul. I’m most at peace sitting in my favourite chair, sipping on coffee and musing over the latest articles I find online.

In terms of weightlifting, I would consider myself a beginner. I have never specifically trained to improve at weightlifting; rather the snatch and clean and jerk have been incorporated into my training regime for hockey. As a result, I have the ability to perform the two lifts with moderate success but a lack of technical proficiency and consistency. These are the two main areas of focus for the next few months of programming, as without proper technique one reaches their ceiling very quickly. Despite my lack of focused training I have been able to put up what I feel are respectable numbers of an 88kg snatch and 115CJ (although as my trainer says, there are probably 100 ten-year old Chinese girls that can put up those numbers).

A super shaky showing of my current CJ PB of 115

Regardless of where I am currently at, I know I need to improve those numbers drastically. Therefore, my goals are a 105kg snatch and 130kg CJ. If I can reach those numbers over the next 10 months then I will surely not embarrass myself on the platform.

With the workload associated with my kinesiology degree, my commitments to the hockey team and our work in the community I know this will be a journey that is sometimes hard to handle. I’m sure I will miss workouts, have days where I have no interest in being at the gym and days when I hit every single rep like there’s no weight on the bar but that’s part of the reason I love lifting. It’s you, and the bar. Nothing else. You either lift it or you don’t. You win or it wins. Simple as that.

So thank you for reading this, and I welcome you on my journey to the platform.



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